Advisory Services To Medical and Healthcare Institutions

Capital Commercial Realty has extensive experience in structuring strategies for various non-profit and for-profit healthcare groups. We take a comprehensive approach to aggressively managing costs by lowering occupancy costs and reducing liabilities related to the client’s current and future real estate portfolio, including but not limited to: acute care and specialty inpatient hospitals, ambulatory and outpatient facilities, home care facilities, laboratories, medical office buildings, child care centers, wellness centers, administrative buildings and other owned and leased properties.

We can assist in the development of a real estate strategy to support a merger, a consolidation of practices into one property with centralized support services; acquisition/disposition of property; lease negotiation/renegotiation; tax exempt, private debt or private equity financing or refinancing; sale/leaseback; lease/purchase; and other options.

Upon completion of an analysis of your real estate assets, we can make specific recommendations to save money in the near term, while improving your real estate facilities long term.

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Advisory Services To Institutions for Higher Education

Capital Commercial Realty can assist institutions of higher learning in the Commonwealth by conducting a top-down real estate plan review and developing creative financing approaches, such as tax exempt bond packages that reduce overhead and liabilities. We can also work with the college’s real estate and development staff to review current holdings that may be best suited for sale/leaseback and lease/purchase transactions that would reduce debt, and provide immediate capital to support campus growth and expansion.

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Asset Management

Unlike the traditional property management or master facility planning firm, Capital Commercial Realty provides clients with a comprehensive approach to the strategic management of real estate assets with a focus on proactively reducing occupancy costs. The economic downturn, tightening credit markets and reduced revenue streams – especially from non-operating sources – have created an environment where every dollar counts. This is true especially on the expense side of the income statement, and where off-balance sheet alternatives are attractive.

We can provide real estate due diligence to assist with the development and implementation of strategies to ensure real estate assets are deployed to the maximum benefit of the occupying entity and that occupancy costs are kept to the absolute minimum possible.

We work with clients in three key areas:

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Adaptive Reuse

Capital Commercial Realty works closely with private building owners and buyers in strategic sub-markets to collaborate qualifying sites with available tax credits and economic incentives for adaptive reuse to maximize the client’s investment.

We offer a broad range of specialized services, including:

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Advisory Services To Real Estate Brokers

With the recent implementation of Real Estate Board audits, regulatory compliance by Real Estate Brokers is mandatory. Now, more than ever, the review of the Broker’s existing policies and procedures, with systematic updates and preventative measures are necessary to avoid fines and penalties. Accordingly, Real Estate Brokers need to ensure full compliance with all Real Estate Board laws and regulations, as well as fair housing laws.

Capital Commercial Realty can assist Brokers in evaluating the following areas of practice:

Through our alliance with FutureLaw, LLC, Capital Commercial Realty offers a team of attorneys and consultants who have represented real estate professionals all across Virginia for years. Most recently, we have developed a self-audit checklist for use by Real Estate Brokers. For more information about how we might assist you with your compliance matters, please contact us.